Sunday, 27 October 2013

Wamp doesn't start all services , php

Hi all , recently I have encountered a problem that I tries to start wamp server for php development but it doesn't started all of its services , when I inquired problem I got to know that there is a "Web deployment agent service " , started at windows start , which works for applications to deploy them on local server when we start our application form visual studio , actually it uses port 80 by default , and wamp also uses port 80 to start working , so every time when wamp was started , it founds port 80 busy, so simple solution is we have to configure one of them to another port so that port clashes doesn't happens.
What I do for simple solution is that , when I do need to work with wamp , I just simply stop "web deployment agent  service service" and when I finished I started that again.
It is very simple one step process.Go to start , search for services :

Then select web deployment agent  service and stop it :

And that's it, enjoy php :)